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If you are like most men, I'm sure you would really like to get who and what YOU WANT in your relationships. Who wouldn't?

But, like it or not, it isn't easy anymore.

I don't know if it ever was. However, I do know one thing: with the stress most singles are under today, combined with the fears women have of date-rape, AIDS, and physical or emotional abuse, it’s no wonder that for men, the single life is more difficult than ever!

Add to that the higher benchmark that women are demanding — and we see that it is harder than ever for single men to connect with or qualify for the type of women they are attracted to, or think they could be interested in.

Before we go any further, the first thing you need to do is add this site to your bookmarks. That way you can repeatedly take advantage of some of the powerful techniques, tips, and strategies that are shown here.

For the last 25 years, I have been doing seminars and individual counseling with men and women who are single and trying to create meaningful and rewarding relationships.

I have spent most of my time talking with and training men from all over the country, who have problems when it comes to playing what I call "The Dating Game".

Some are afraid to ask women out and then deal with the inherent rejection that may follow. Others find it difficult getting to first base, much less hitting the proverbial home run.

What you will learn on this web site can assist you in increasing your odds of meeting and attracting the kind of woman YOU WANTyour ideal date or mate. However, I must warn you . . .

This Information Is Not For Every Man

There is a possibility that what I have to share with you will not work for you. This material has been proven time and again to absolutely work . . . but only if you are willing to use your BRAIN (and not your brawn, looks, or status).

What you are about to learn is simple (once you know it). The trick is, you must be willing to learn it, personalize it, and implement it in a natural way.

Because of the plethora of information that is on the web and in print, your challenge is to find out what really works and what doesn't.

One of the reasons I decided to create this web site, was to give you practical information and techniques that really work, not mediocre strategies or bogus ideas that promise you instant success if you follow their lead.

These quick-fix erroneous techniques will turn many women off and will lead you in the wrong direction. In fact, you would be better off doing nothing, rather than following this type of advice.

My technology has been crafted and refined over time. It will create personal success with women and has been proven to work for average men by video-taped field experiments. It is based on clinical knowledge, research and real-life experiences.

I Am Sick And Tired Of Outrageous Claims
Made By Many Dating Authorities

These so-called "experts" on the subject of dating will tell you how "you can create an instantaneous sexual attraction with any woman you meet," how "you can get all the hot, sexy women you could ever want, despite your looks or age," or amazingly, how "you can get a woman into bed within 20 minutes . . . and have her begging for more!"

If you believe this hype, then I probably can't help you. You are thinking with your "little head" instead of your big head!

There Are No Magic Bullets or Secret Formulas!

I'm sure that you are smart enough to realize that there is no magic formula available — for $19.99 or $199.95 that can give you the instantaneous results referred to above. There aren't any little known and scientifically unrevealed SECRETS!

The truth is, everything you need to know has always been available if only you had the time (or took the time) to talk to enough women — and men who were successful with women — and analyzed all the data to determine what is most important and what works the best for you.

If you are narrow-minded, broke, and ugly — and refuse to get good advice — you are in big trouble when it comes to succeeding with the opposite sex!

If the bogus claims of self-proclaimed gurus ring truthful to you, then I suggest a reality check.

If you have read or heard of approaches such as: "You can meet and date all the beautiful single women you've dreamed of," or "You can learn in a few hours how to get all the beautiful single women you can handle," or "You can learn tips and secrets that will have you meeting, charming and succeeding with single women, every time you try," and you believe they can work, then I suggest you leave this site immediately.

On the other hand: If you are at least average looking, can afford decent clothes and a moderate night out on the town, and have enough desire and intelligence to read and study simple techniques and insights into how to meet, attract and romance women, then there is hope for you!

What you can learn on this web site (and what I have to offer in additional programs and newsletters) will enable you to connect with women of a much higher caliber than you are accustomed to, and you will definitely learn How to Get the Woman (or Women) YOU WANT!

I Guarantee It!


Richard A. Gant
Director – The Singles Institute

Meet Richard Gant Talking About
How to Get the Woman YOU WANT!
(including proof with men in real-life situations)

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Find Out How to Get the Woman (or Women) YOU WANT!

Read about what has been called A Thinking Man's Guide To Getting What YOU WANT (Dates, Mates, Sex, Companionship, Happiness, Ecstasy, Love, Marriage, Life-Long Relationships), From The Woman (or Women) YOU WANT (Intelligent, Attractive, Interesting, Sexy, Exciting, Understanding, Considerate, Appreciative, Accepting, Loving), When YOU WANT IT! (Tonight, Next Week, Next Month, or for a Lifetime.)

Learn the 7 Critical Steps in a Successful Dating Process

Everyone makes mistakes they wish they could undo. Often, the one time we make that crucial mistake, it's with the person we like the most — the one we definitely didn't want to lose.

Many of my clients tell me: "If only I knew in advance what to say and do with a woman, that would help me to avoid putting my foot in the wrong place — like my mouth, for example."

Is there really a science to all this? Can a man learn techniques that will effectively help him to avoid rejection, failure, embarrassment and misery? I believe the answers can be found in my Seven Critical Steps in the Dating Process — steps that can change your personal life in a very dramatic way.

If you are willing to do the work, the possibilities are endless. Don't be a warrior going into battle without your armor. Be prepared and learn what you need to do to win — today.

Here are the 10 Biggest Reasons Men Don't Get the Woman (or Women) They Want . . . And What YOU Can Do About Them!

After 25 years of research, investigation and personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that there are at least 10 Serious Mistakes most men make in playing the Dating Game.

If you would like to increase your success with the kind of women YOU WANT — or if you would just like to enjoy being single much more — go get a cup of coffee or a can of soda and click above. First, pick the mistake you most want to get rid of and then learn the solution!

Read About Recent Success Stories from Men and Women (Check them out!)

Would you send someone an unsolicited check for $300 just to demonstrate your appreciation for the results you were getting, based on their advice? (A Southern California Dentist did!)

Would you like to be able to approach any woman, anytime, anyplace — without the fear of rejection? (This young man does now!)

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